How Can Anyone See a 100 MPH Fastball?

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Learn how people can see a 100MPH fastball.

It takes 100 milliseconds for a human brain to react to something it has seen.
How is it possible for a baseball player to track a fastball moving at 100 miles per hour, and react fast enough to hit it?

Researchers from the University of California in Berkeley created a way to test visual reaction time, and they found that we are capable of predicting where an object will be based on the speed and direction that it is traveling.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging brain scans, and a video of a flashing object moving across the screen, the study located the part of the brain that allows humans to predict motion of fast moving objects.

Participants in the study were also shown flash drag effect illusions where the background is moving and the object is stationary, which makes it look like the object is moving.

Both tests showed an increase of activity in the V5 region of the visual cortex of the brain.

Gerrit Maus, lead author of the study said: "As soon as the brain knows something is moving, it pushes the position of the object moving forward, so there's a more accurate measure of where this object actually is.”