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    Chloe Moretz Joins Denzel Washington In 'The Equalizer'


    by ClevverMovies

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    Chloe Moretz will kick ass once more as Hit Girl in this summer's Kick-Ass 2 and will dish out some telekinetic revenge in Carrie come October and now word is she'll be teaming with Denzel Washington for The Equalizer big screen adaptation. According to Deadline, the increasingly high-in-demand actress nailed her reading with Washington and has landed the role of Teri, a young prostitute that is being described as reminiscent of Jodie Foster's Oscar nominated role in Taxi Driver. The part was reportedly written for a twentysomething actress, but Washington and the filmmakers were so impressed with Moretz that the role will now be rewritten specifically for her. For those of you unfamiliar with The Equalizer, it was a 1980's television series about a former intelligence officer with a mysterious past, who takes on cases free of charge in an attempt to atone for past sins. The film is being directed by Olympus Has Fallen director Antoine Fuqua, who also directed Denzel Washington in Training Day. The Equalizer is set to hit theaters on April 11th. So who's excited to see Denzel and Chloe team up for The Equalizer and who else would you like see join the cast? Share your casting picks below or over on twitter @ClevverMovies. I'm Miriam Isa, thanks for watching!