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On the Glee season 4 finale we say goodbye to one of the founding Glee club members, Jessica Sanchez struts her stuff at Regionals and a surprise wedding! Here's your Glee Cap for the episode titled "All or Nothing", thanks for tuning back in to ClevverMusic. The Season 4 finale started with Brittany taking a meeting with math professors at MIT who inform her she has found a new number sequence during some tests they gave her, the largest math breakthrough in the 21st century. Meanwhile, back at McKinley High Mr. Schu informs the Glee club they will do Marley's "All or Nothing" song for Regionals, along with Icona Pop's "I Love It" and The Script's "Hall of Fame". Speaking of hall of fame, Rachel Barry finally has her big Funny Girl callback audition in New York and she performs Celine Dion's "To Love You More", take a look at this stellar performance.

Brittany is now back at school and takes "All or Nothing" theme to heart, bossing the club around and demanding she get all the solos at Regionals and she quits the Cheerios. Brittany also manages to get two sworn enemies Sue and Will on her web show 'Fondue for Two' and uncovers the secret that Michael Bolton is the father of Sue's daughter. In Glee class Ryder pressures the students to admit who is his cyber girlfriend Katie_xoxo and Marley stands up to take the blame! But alas, we find out later she was only being a good friend and covering for Unique, who is the one actually catfishing Ryder, and he doesn't take that very well.

In other relationship news, Blaine decides to go engagement ring shopping with Tina and Sam to pick out a ring for Kurt. Blaine meets an elderly lesbian couple who convince him that getting engaged so young isn't the way to go- there's no rush. Regionals is finally her and we see Jessica Sanchez take center stage with her choir the Hoosierdaddies, first performing a rendition of Zedd's "Clarity" and then Little Mix's "Wings"—take a look at both of her performances.

Jessica was definitely strutting her stuff with those dance moves and we hope she returns next season with a bigger role! Since Regionals is at McKinley High we then see the New Directions have a final pep talk in the choir room before their turn on stage. Brittany reveals in her only serious moment on the show ever-- that her meltdown was due to her early acceptance to MIT and she will be leaving school immediately.

The New Directions perform at Regionals, first The Script's "Hall of Fame" with the guys in the lead, and then the ladies sing Icona Pop's "I Love It" check that out.

Their final song is Marley's original written song "All or Nothing" and no surprise-- the New Directions win Regionals! Afterwards back in the choir room Emma surprises Will with a surprise wedding in front of just the Glee club! It's a happy ending for Will and Emma, but no proposal for Klaine. And we didn't find out if Rachel got her big part- I guess we'll have to tune in next season to find out. Tell us what you think of Brittany not returning to the show next season and about the surprise wedding! Thanks so much for watching our Glee caps all season long, we do it just for you. I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood see you soon with more Glee news as it happens.