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    Yankee Ten Orchestra - How Many Times


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    This was a '20s group mostly known for their association with the young pianist Harold Arlen, later to become one of America's greatest songwriters. In 1925 they left the city it was named after and headed on tour, stopping in cities such as Cleveland and Pittsburgh before finally hitting New York City for shows at the Palace Theater and Gallagher's Monte Carlo. The group began recording for many labels, as McLaughlin's Melodians, The Yankee Six, The Yankee Ten, The Merry Makers, The Beach Six, Six Black Dominoes, Jimmy Johnson's Rebels, Master Melody Makers, Lou Connor's Dance Orchestra, Yankee Ten Dance Orchestra (the alias used on this issue), the Savana Serenaders, the Carolinians, and Londynskiej Piccadilli-Jazz. The band broke up in New York City in the late 20s, This great record was made in 1926. Vocal by Harold Arlen.