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    KINGSLAYER: ChaosVille | House Chaos | #5


    by DaveChaos

    Welcome to Kingslayer. A Minecraft PVP game-format that encompasses the best of Ultra Hardcore, vanilla Minecraft survival tactics and... Game of Thrones. Sorta.

    This epic 7-man Kingslayer comprises of seven would-be Kings from Chaosville; each vying for their right to call themselves the KINGSLAYER.
    The Kings call for aid from their subscribers; the best of which join their King as bodyguards. Death is permanent and death for your King results in entire team disqualification. Last King standing is the winner.

    To celebrate this ONE-OF-A-KIND Minecraft event, Chaoville has been fortunate enough to partner up with GAMETEE who have also provided ONE-OF-A-KIND prints of your favourite Chaosville members!
    Get yours here:

    This survival map was made by Delta Squid of ChaosVille would like to thank them again for all their help hosting this contest.

    House Chaos:
    - Dannoverboard
    - wd5k
    - icabod123
    - Hifey

    Also be sure to check out the other POVs here:


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