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    Best and Worst Countries to Raise a Child

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    by Geo Beats

    Learn the best and worst countries to raise a child in.

    Willing to relocate to make sure your child is raised in the best place possible? Hope you like the cold, because according to the organization Save the Children, that place is Finland.

    The country’s neighbors Sweden and Norway took second and third places, respectively.

    What makes the Nordic lands so awesome? Rankings were based on indicators like maternal health, child mortality, mother’s education, political status, and income.

    Finland had the best stats for both healthy mothers, with only 1 in just over 12 thousand dying during pregnancy, and education. Finnish children receive, on average, 17 years of formal instruction.

    By comparison, the Democratic Republic of Congo, named the worst place on earth to raise children, 1 in 30 mothers die from pregnancy complications.

    The US was placed in the 30th position. Even though American mothers enjoy good marks in the education and economic categories, maternal health and child wellbeing scores are less than impressive. The country’s political status of women ranking may also be shocking to many - out of the 176 countries examined, the US came in 89th.