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    Sea Monster Scare in New Zealand

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    There was a sea monster scare in New Zealand.

    New Zealand was abuzz with talk of sea monsters and dinosaurs when a mysterious carcass was discovered on a beach.

    The rotting beast was about 30 feet long and had huge teeth and rudimentary flippers.

    Perplexed observers posted a video of the thing on YouTube and asked for theories and information about the origin of the creature.

    A marine biologist eventually ID’d the remains as those of a killer whale.

    This mystery may have reached an anticlimactic conclusion, but New Zealand has a reputation for being a hotbed of sea monster sightings, some resolved and some not quite.

    One of the most famous finds was the 1977 discovery of what many believed to be the remains of a modern-day plesiosaur, a pre-historic aquatic monster that went extinct 65 million years ago.

    It was pulled to the surface by the crew of a Japanese fishing boat who’d cast their nets about 1000 feet deep into the waters.

    Some scientists believed they correctly identified the 4000-pound carcass as belonging to a basking shark, but their test results were not completely conclusive.