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    Man Allegedly Kills Neighbor with Spoon for Checking Out Wife

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    A man allegedly kills his neighbor with a spoon for checking out his wife.

    Jealousy and alcohol can prove to be a deadly mix. Recently a 22-year-old man in India was arrested for allegedly murdering his own neighbor. The male victim had been beaten to death by a spoon.

    According to reports, the altercation occurred after the now deceased man eyed up the 22-year-old male’s wife. On the night of the murder, she had complained about the neighbor to her husband and after he drank some alcohol, the suspect arrived at the victim’s home and killed him with the spoon.

    A police authority stated “An extensive manhunt was launched to apprehend the absconding accused and several sources were deployed and local intelligence was also gathered. A trap was laid near his house and he was nabbed as soon as he surfaced.”

    In another troubling report, a fifteen year old girl in Pakistan was brutally murdered, by her own parents, for speaking to an unknown boy outside their home. According to police, the father admitted to beating the girl, and then pouring acid over her with his wife's assistance, in the name of family honor.