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    NASA Captures Image of Red and White Vapor Clouds

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    by Geo Beats

    NASA captures image of red and white vapor clouds.

    White fluffy clouds undoubtedly define beauty.

    NASA recently caught a stunning sight, featuring clouds, but they appear to be the polar opposite of what us humans are used to viewing in the sky.

    As part of NASA’s Equatorial Vortex Experiment, white, blue and red clouds of vapor dominated the heavens. Although they were far from natural, they assisted researchers in observing neutral winds in the upper atmosphere.

    The so called white tracer clouds were created by the release of trimethyl aluminum into the air with the assistance of rockets.

    The vibrant red cloud came to form by the discharge of lithium vapor. On May 7th, the two rockets released the differing clouds separated by a small time span of 90 seconds.

    Recently, a NASA image depicted a striking shot of a grey cloud, which was actually ash billowing from a volcano in Indonesia. The Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite took the photo on April 29th as it flew over the Flores Sea in Indonesia.

    The water is clearly depicted, while an island serves as a centerpiece. Sweeping upwards from the section of dry land is a cloud of grey, swirling and drifting smoke.