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    Toby & Spencer Heading to Ravenswood on PLL


    by ClevverTV

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    The cast of Pretty Little Liars has officially begun it's trek into Ravenswood. As fans are well-aware, Tyler Blackburn is set to leave PLL after the summer season, and star in a spin-off series titled after a town called Rosewood. We brought you the news earlier this week that some of the little liars would be visiting Ravenswood and introducing some of the lore to the audience. Just this morning we learned that both Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen, who play Spencer and Toby on PLL, are shooting in Ravenswood today. Keegan tweeted out a photo featuring two ravens on a tree branch, with an angel statue in the background that is placed right in front of a building with a sign in front that reads "Curios." That photo from Keegan was captioned "Ravenswood exploration." Troian also shared two twitter photos -- the first of which shows a statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by candles and the second photo is of a puddle that reflecting some sort of house, which is we can only guess is in Ravenswood. PLL fans can expect to get more details on the setting of the spin-off series throughout the summer season, but saying goodbye to Tyler Blackburn is obviously a bittersweet experience, especially for Tyler's on-screen girlfriend on PLL played by Ashley Benson who said that when she got the news she was quote "So sad." She explained that she's very happy for Tyler and that he deserves this great opportunity, but she adds that QUTOE "he's like my other half. When the day comes to shoot his last scene, I'm going to be able to do it." About that last day and closing the book on Caleb and Hanna's relationship, there will be justice for Haleb shippers. Marlene King said that they will have a very grand, romantic, Casablanca moment when Caleb leaves and she adds that Hanna will basically give Caleb permission to leave Rosewood. WOW! So much to look forward to on both Pretty Little Liars and on Ravenswood. We should also add that casting on the spin-off continues to heat up. Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson have been cast as two other lead characters and will play twins on the show. So friends, now we need to hear from you -- we know you are the ultimate fans and experts on all thing PLL -- so what do you think Toby and Spencer are doing in Ravenswood? Is the red coat there? And, what are your predictions about the ending of Caleb and Hanna's on-screen romance? Would you like to see Ashley Benson guest star on Ravenswood? Hit the comments section to join the conversation and make sure to subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube and make us your ultimate source for entertainment news. I'm Joslyn Davis in Hollywood -- thanks for watching!

    Hosted by: Joslyn Davis