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    Toxic Caterpillars to Be Targeted by Helicopters

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    Toxic caterpillars will be terminated by helicopters.

    There doesn’t seem to be anything good about the caterpillar of the oak processionary moth.

    A group of them can completely strip an oak tree of its leaves and its spiky hairs contain toxins that are harmful to humans and animals.

    No wonder the West Berkshire, England area is eager to get rid of them. Officials plan to spray the infected woodlands from a helicopter in an effort to lessen the caterpillars’ devastating effects.

    They’ll be using a product approved by the country’s environmental advisor. It reportedly has no adverse affects on humans or animals.

    The wooded area being targeted spans about 25 acres, making it difficult to enlist the usual practice of spraying trees individually.

    The caterpillar has been a huge problem in the London area since 2006, when they came in on some oak trees imported from continental Europe into southwest regions around the city.

    The Forestry Commission acknowledges that eradication in the earliest places of occupancy are likely impossible, but some are hopeful that the problem can be contained.