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    Mark Zuckerberg Delayed $1 Billion Deal for Game of Thrones

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    Mark Zuckerberg delays a $1 billion deal for Game of Thrones.

    Apparently when you are Mark Zuckerberg, signing billion dollar deals doesn't mean it's ok to miss an episode of Game of Thrones.

    When Facebook was in the midst of buying Instagram, Zuckerberg put one of the acquisition meetings on hold to take in an installment of the HBO drama

    Of course, as he had already planned to host a viewing party, it would have likely been rude not to attend.

    Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom used the time to contact his lawyer and investors.

    From the sounds of it, the negotiating environment was pretty chill to begin with.

    Lawyers and investors were kept at bay for the bulk of the dealings. Zuckerberg’s attorneys were in another room watching – you guessed it – Game of Thrones.

    The two hammered out most of the details while sitting outside eating steaks and ice cream.

    It’s become almost a signature acquisition style for Zuckerberg.

    When interested in purchasing a company his typical move is to call the person in charge of it and schedule lawyer-free meeting.