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    Hit and Run Victim's Heart Is Donated to Classmate

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    A hit and run victim's heart is given to a classmate.

    In April of this year, a 15-year-old boy named Skylar Marion was killed in a hit and run accident.

    Skylar’s father made the very difficult decision to donate his deceased son’s organs.

    Michael Marion stated, “ Skylar was a giving person; so if he can help, he would have wanted to do that. He couldn't talk, because he was in a coma. But I just felt a lift off my shoulders that it was okay to give this person his heart."

    Skylar’s heart has now been transplanted into the chest of one of his classmates. Prior to receiving Skylar’s heart, Kyle Wilkerson had spent several months

    in the hospital due to a genetic disorder which caused his heart failure.

    The Marion family hopes the story behind Skylar’s heart will urge witnesses to come forward about the accident, as the driver is still at large.

    In another report, 8-year-old Nicole Miller had one weak kidney, due to a genetic disorder. Last year, Nicole was a student in Wendy Killian's class and during a parent-teacher conference, a discussion came up concerning the Millers problem in finding a donor.
    That's when Killian stepped to up the plate, believing she could help the family. Surprisingly, the teacher and student turned out to be a match.