100 Years Ago Today - May 8, 1913

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Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

What was happening in the world one hundred years ago? Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from May 8th, 1913.

Number 5. A woman left at the figurative altar was awarded a 500 dollar judgment against her almost husband. She asserted that the man convinced her to leave her job and then dumped her. She offered 276 love letters and 31 telegrams as proof.

Number 4. There wasn’t a minimum drinking age then, but a judge determined that a one year old was definitely too young – actually criminally young. The two men who gave the baby the glass of port were fined a total of 45 dollars.

Number 3. The colonial-style pump entered the line-up of stylish shoe choices for women. The heel was comfortably low, but small narrow feet were all the rage in the day and it was common for women and men to buy shoes a size too small.

Number 2. A hard-on-his-luck organ grinder forced his monkey into a life of crime. At least that was the theory, police in Evanston, IL came up with. When inspecting a home that was recently broken into, they discovered what looked like monkey footprints inside.

Number 1. A 72 year-old man planned to wed for the first time – to a 27 year-old woman.