Grocery Shopping While Hungry Affects Shopping Choices

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Grocery shopping while hungry affects shopping choices.

Does it matter whether you are hungry or not when going grocery shopping?
A new study from Cornell University shows that participants who were hungry when they went shopping chose to buy food that had a higher calorie content.

The study asked 68 participants to not eat for five hours beforehand.

Then half of the participants were given crackers to eat before shopping for food in an online store.

The people who didn’t eat any crackers bought food that was higher in calories.

Another study by the same researchers looked at grocery store sales in the after lunch hours between 1 and 4 pm and compared them with what people bought between 4 and 7 pm when they were more likely to be hungry.

The people who went shopping later bought fewer low calorie food items than the earlier shoppers.

The researcher’s report on making food choices while hungry says: “Even short-term food deprivation can lead to a shift in choices such that people choose less low-calorie, and relatively more high-calorie, food options.”