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    How to Increase Laptop Battery life

    Quantum PC Support

    by Quantum PC Support

    Hi, this is another PC issue related video from Quantum PC Support. Many people suffering from Laptop battery issues. For those this video will help a lot. This video includes areas like power save mode, one program at a time, comfort screen brightness, unplug unnecessary USB, No game while charging, defrag hard disk, Auto power save feature etc. You can keep a watch for more PC tips in linkedin business page of Quantum PC Support

    Video Transcription:

    First open the system and set the system in “power saving mode”.

    Now do not run multiple applications simultaneously. Try to run a single program at a time which is necessary.

    After electricity conversion many USB ports may be plugged and unplug unnecessary port.

    Don’t play Games when BATTERY in Charge.

    After successfully charged do your work faster and then give your laptop enough rest. Charge immediately, if your battery showing low.

    If you have Lithium-polymer batteries, don’t keep it uncharged for a long time. It will affect the battery. Then defrag your PC periodically.

    Now get rid of unnecessary background programs when battery is being charged.

    If more RAM is used, more battery will be consumed. Now use as much as necessary.

    You should activate “AUTO POWER SAVE” feature and try to avoid “HIGH DEFINITION VIDEOS”.

    Never charge mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and other mobile phones from your laptop.