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    Guide Dog Saves Blind Woman From Intruders

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    A guide dog saves a blind woman from intruders.

    Time and time again, dogs have proven to be fiercely loyal.

    Recently, a guide dog was credited with saving a blind woman.

    The pooch named Yolanda reportedly began growling next to her owner, Christina Colon during the dark, early morning hours.

    Colon abruptly woke up and heard the sounds of two unknown male voices in the lower floor of her home. Yolanda didn’t stop at just growling though – she pulled the door shut to the bedroom, in an apparent attempt to protect her owner.

    The dog then ran downstairs and chased the prowlers right out of the house. Yolanda’s heroic efforts weren’t over.

    The intruders had turned on the gas from the stove before departing. When Colon realized she was having trouble breathing, she called police and was shocked to learn that officers were already at her residence. Yolanda the hero dog had pushed the emergency button in the home alerting authorities of trouble.

    One of the burglars was arrested but police are still searching for the second man.