Onion and Cheese Chocolate Bars Sought After in Australia

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Onion and cheese flavored chocolate bars are highly sought after in Australia.

Is there anything that doesn't go well with chocolate?

Folks in Australia are hunting down rare candy bars that made their way into the country. The rectangular pieces of sugary goodness are derived from milk chocolate along with Irish Tayto cheese and onion crisps. (

While it remains unknown if the bars define yumminess or something else altogether, one thing is sure, the public wants a taste. The CEO of the company called, Taste Ireland currently holds the remaining sought after candy bars and he recently conducted a campaign on Facebook to raffle them off.

He says “I couldn't believe the reaction, it went off the richter scale with almost half a million impressions. It's an unusual taste - crunchy chocolate and then a lingering taste of cheese of onion.”

Bizarre chocolate flavorings are also breaking into the booze industry. Earlier this year, an Oregon based brewery, Rogue Ales teamed up with VooDoo Doughnut to create a beer named 'Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Ale'.

It served as a tribute to Elvis, combining his favorite snacks together in one unique form.