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    Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat Slated for Auction

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    by Geo Beats

    Neil Armstrong's heartbeat is slated for auction.

    Neil Armstrong is one of the most recognized names on this planet.

    Diehard fans will soon have the opportunity to purchase his heartbeat.

    Armstrong was hooked up to a monitor when he stepped off of Apollo 11. The recorded heartbeat will be up for auction in New Hampshire.

    The initial listing on the EKG reading is set at $3,000, but many people believe its final selling price will be much higher. Armstrong’s heart rate is said to be normal and steady on the recording, signifying how calm the experienced astronaut was when stepping onto the then unknown territory of the moon.

    In another report concerning Apollo 11 from ABC last year, one signature piece from the mission is missing. All of the Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972 that successfully landed on the moon left an American flag on the surface.

    All of the flags except for the very first one, left there by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, are still flying. The Apollo 11 flag was reportedly blown over by the exhaust from the engines during takeoff.