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Love Is in the air / Amour et Turbulences (2013) - Trailer

il y a 5 ans302 views



Directed by Alexandre Castagnetti
Produced by Reverence, Thelma Films
Genres : Fiction - Runtime : 1 h 36 min
French release : 03/04/2013
Production year : 2012

On her way back from New York to Paris, where she's soon to be married, Julie finds herself sitting next to Antoine, an attractive cad whom she dated 3 years earlier. She'll do everything she can to avoid him, whereas he's counting on the 7-hour flight to win her back! It's an opportunity for us to travel back in time and witness their encounter, their love affair, their break-up... So many incredible, romantic, and caustic scenes that will make this journey the most moving one of their lives.

More info : http://en.unifrance.org/movie/34503/stand-by-love

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Love Is in the air / Amour et Turbulences (2013) - Trailer
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