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    Non-Wrinkle Button Down Shirt Debuts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A Kickstarter project features a wool, non-odor and wrinkle-resistant button down dress shirt.

    Button down shirts are pretty much required in most business settings. What if you didn't have to wash or iron them?

    The designers of a new shirt promise that the garment can be worn for 100 days straight without requiring a wash or dry cleaning. In case you were wondering, the button down shirt supposedly won’t give off any odors or wrinkle during those months of forgoing a cleaning.

    Designed by Wool & Prince, the fit is comparable to the tailed or slim versions made by high end companies. The makers of the garment claim that wool lasts 6 times longer than traditional cotton shirts and it is naturally wrinkle free.

    The designers state “We use the finest wool shirting yarn out there--usually reserved for the luxury fashion industry. Those itchy sweaters your grandma knitted will be an afterthought.”

    As for the odor aspect, sheep’s wool is said to naturally reduce the opportunity for less-than-savory scents to generate.

    The designers are trying to raise funds on

    What do you think? Would you want to try this shirt?