Man Sets Up Pet Food Stamp Program

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A man sets up a food stamp program for pets.

Inspired by a friend’s story about how she has to choose between feeding her cat or herself, a man has set up a program for dispensing free pet food.

The program is called Pet Food Stamps and allows people on government assistance to apply for help to feed their furry family members.

Since its founding, the Pet Food Stamps program has received so many applications, the founder, Marc Okon, and his small staff can’t keep up with the requests. Most individuals seeking help report having lost their jobs, homes, or health.

Even though about 1 in 7 Americans receives sustenance assistance, government-issued food stamps cannot be used towards pet food. According to Okon, millions of pets are sent to shelters every year because their owners just can’t afford to keep them.

A former investment [banker and consultant, Okron also says he’s seen enough of private enterprises’ ethical disasters and has decided to focus his attention on his not-for-profit pet food dispensary.

Okon’s organization and several others are listed on The Humane Society of the United States’ website as potential aid options.

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All sounds great, but thousands have applied in February and heard nothing, zero. Unknown people have access to personal information and anyone who asks what's going on or says anything in the least that's not an oh you're so wonderful gets banned and blocked from their page and all their comments removed. Oh, and the NY AG's office is investigating them. Now, the Humane Society of the United States. 1% of donations goes to help. Do your homework and fully investigate what it is you're "reporting" on. Unless of course you're part of the Pet Food Stamps organization.
By dm_51edabbaf103c last year