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    Pearson - An Avalanche Is Coming

    Salman Sajun

    by Salman Sajun

    625 pictures
    106 Props
    40 seconds of footage
    21 days
    5 People
    1 Awesome Stop-Motion Video

    “An avalanche is coming”. I was approached by Pearson (‘the worlds leading education company’) to create a 40 second stop motion video in just 3 weeks. This is what we produced:

    Director - Salman Sajun -

    Animators -
    Adriana Luhovy -
    Tara Dakkak
    Sarah Bubenko

    Post Production -
    Cedric Laurenty (After Effects Editor/ Lead Compositor/ Roto Artist) -
    Mattia Cellotto (Sound Design) -
    Adriana Luhovy (Compositor/ Painting)
    Andrii Kuchanskyi, Oleksandr Bilan (Animatics) -
    Shaun Rykiss (Consultant) -

    Props -
    Paper Props - Dominic Liu, Brian Li, Kyosuke Nishida -
    Cloth Props - Ame Hutchison