Nat Martin & His Orchestra - Bye And Bye (The Sun Will Shine)


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Nat Martin led one of those early 20's bands that appear to have a very fine jazz sound, but of which I found no data at all. He waxed a few sides in the mid-twenties. I was lucky though to find photographs and sheet music of them. Any additonal information is warmly welcomed. The present record was made in 1925, and thanks to the extended running time of this disc we get a generous instrumental development with quite a lot of excellent solo work.

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Thanks a lot Olivier! I agree the arrangement and sound are excellent and truly authentic.
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
Thank you Jack! I was lucky to find some material although this band seems totally forgotten today.
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
So welcome Ginny; I agree this an outstanding performance and I'm glad to read you loved the sheet music :-)
Par kspm0220s Il y a 2 ans
I appreciate the delicate vintage sound of this band.
Par Olivier Delpech Il y a 2 ans
Very enjoyable Nice work on putting that background material together so well..
Par Boston Blackie Il y a 2 ans
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