I Dream the Video


by Univore

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"I Dream the Video" is a surreal journey through the dream paths of a man, played by Marco Casale, who is either convinced he dreams in video or actually creates videos through his dreams. He is conflicted on whether to embrace this characteristic or to consider it his affliction. He may suffer from a hyper-sensory condition that is part narcolepsy, part insanity, and part something else entirely. Through his waltz-like dream-state adventures he discovers several answers, one of which is the real answer.

The night of Saturday April 20th saw the premiere of Univore's short film "I Dream the Video" at Heaven Gallery as part of the 2013 Chicago International Music and Movies Festival.

A crowd of somewhere between 28 and 1,000 people attended, most of whom made us absolutely blush with their cheers during and after the screening. We appreciate the appreciation.

Lead actor Marco Casale was there, too, wrapped in the very scarves he wore in the film, which he later tried to sell to various females in the audience as memorabilia before deciding to just give them away as gifts.

Marco, your star continues to burn brightly.

Heard from the field on Saturday night:

* "Nice movie."
* "My favorite scene was where Marco eviscerated the chicken carcass. Speaking of which, was that one of those rotisserie jobs from Dominick's? Either way, beautiful work."
* "The soundtrack was amazing. I'd like to listen to it on repeat while riding a train through Germany."
* "Without a doubt, the most artistic outdoor table flip ever captured on film."
* "Can you give this scarf back to Marco please? It smells like onions."

Luckily, Saturday night wasn't your only chance to watch "I Dream the Video," as it is attached here and can be found on all the usual social media sites. Please enjoy and pass it on to friends and family.

Univore sends out effusive thanks to the good people at CIMMfest, Sanzimat International, and Heaven Gallery for allowing us to participate. We hope to be back next year with something brand new.

Univore loves music, movies, and all of you.