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    Sullee J - "Free World" Ask Media Entertainment


    by BlankTV

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    Sullee J - "Free World [Hip Hop Anthem]" Ask Media Entertainment A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

    Artist Biography: Suleman Janjua [born March 25th 1985], better known by his stage name Sullee J, is a Pakistani American Rapper. He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He has amassed a global following with his lyrical, captivating positive sound of Hip Hop. To date he has released five mixtapes and is putting the final touches to his sixth mixtape entitled ''Vicegerent.''

    Director Name: Profitt Productions
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Lewis Cullen
    Producer Link:

    About The Video: A combination of thumping drums and all so conscious lyrics by Sullee J equals Free World.

    Free World is the hip hop anthem for freedom of speech in the 21st Century where fear is rife and deception is at large.

    Artist Website:
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    Label Name: Ask Media Entertainment
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: Verse 1

    Storming cross the ocean
    Vigorous river motion
    Grudge against the girl
    Who buried me in emotion
    Cuz every single letter
    I ever began, I never really
    Finished cuz I panicked
    If she left me, I'd be damaged
    Now I live on the edge
    A ghost, with no heart
    All these bottled up thoughts
    Broke bottles in the dark
    Back to how I feel
    I used to make up all these lies
    An if u saw me I'd be smiling
    With a fire deep inside
    Nobody understood my pain
    Now I'm feeling so numb
    I'ma say what I wanna say
    Afraid, I am of none
    I'm just a dude, cool
    Single tryna' fool
    I'm just playing my part man
    Breaking all the rules
    Sucker punch a sucker
    No patience for these fools
    Snakes in the industry
    Taking away my food
    I am tired, damn
    Hopin' to inspire
    A revolution, big enough
    To set the world on fire

    Hook --

    Free World X 3
    Say what you wanna say

    Verse 2

    Say what you wanna say
    Say it how you wanna say
    Hold back never dog
    Play how you wanna play
    First I'ma pray
    Then I'ma detonate
    Devil tryna' sell a deal
    Surely, I'll never pay
    Real as I can be
    And so it's real as I can see
    Yo God you told me I could be
    An so I walked and let you lead
    Spark from the gun
    I saw the light, I thought I'd never bleed
    Heart became numb
    Dark as I could ever be
    Quiet now they worry when I talk
    Cuz I never speak
    Music is my therapy
    Beat, I hope you hearing me
    I just want my girl again
    Hold me tight, through the rain
    Tell me it'll be alright
    Say what you wanna babe
    Explain, no I don't complain
    Strange, no I'm not insane
    I been through a lot
    And you no not a thing
    Fame? I don't want it mane
    Money? I don't want it mane
    what you want Sullee?
    To say what I wanna say

    VERSE 3

    Too many liars in the industry
    Bias tryina' injure me
    Stereotypes, The imagery
    Causin' wickedry
    TV can't handle me
    Radio be spamming me
    Magazine words
    That surge to cause insanity
    So what I'm a muslim?
    You say I cause calamity
    Look in to my eyes
    Soul full of agony
    Stare into the synthesis
    Mirror is full of differences
    My intellect was made to
    Set a fire on your ignorance
    Baffled in beligerence
    Captured in malevolence
    Staggered with a decadent
    Method, no coincidence
    Blasphemy has fled, and caused the youth
    To drown
    New born terror
    More eulogies found
    Don't let them take your mind
    Don't let them hold you down
    Say what you wanna say
    Say it real loud!
    Say it how you wanna say
    Do what you wanted to!
    Middle finger up
    [young], Screw what they wanna do!


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