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    Is China Serious About Implementing North Korean Sanctions?


    by NTDTelevision

    Is the Chinese regime serious about implementing UN sanctions against North Korea? In this notice dated April 17, China's Transport Ministry ordered its subsidiaries to, quote, "strictly carry out" sanctions imposed by the UN to punish North Korea's nuclear test in February.

    The notice comes after a series of high-level talks between the United States and China, and reiterated a trade ban with North Korea on items including nuclear and biochemical weapons and luxury goods.

    Political commentator Wu Fan believes the Communist Party has become wary of Pyongyang's antics, and wants to avoid appearing like it's propping up its rogue neighbor—but it will not completely abandon the North.

    [Wu Fan, Political Commentator]
    "The Communist regime is trying to reverse the negative image that North Korea has created. It's doing it to show the Chinese public, and the Americans, that Beijing is taking action. Though this is a measured approach, and the regime will not completely let go of its so-called little brother."

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been issuing war threats against South Korea and the United States after the UN imposed its latest sanctions in March.

    Pyongyang has been telling foreigners to leave South Korea, saying their safety couldn't be guaranteed.

    On Tuesday (April 30), South Korean officials said most of its nationals at the Kaesong joint industrial park with the North have returned home. North Korea suspended operations in the town earlier this month.

    On April 18th, North Korea signaled it would return to talks, but only if the US and South Korea end their joint military exercises, and that the UN withdraw its sanctions. South Korean officials have called the conditions "absurd."

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