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    Reports Say China Massively Underreporting Fishing Bounty


    by NTDTelevision

    China by far consumes the most seafood of any single country in the world, accounting for about a quarter of the global demand for fish. Now there are reports the country could be underreporting the amount of fish it catches each year to feed that appetite.

    From 2000 to 2011, China reported to the UN it caught about 368,000 tons of fish a year.

    But according to one study, this is a massive under-reporting.

    Scientists at Canada's University of British Columbia estimate that China brought in over 4.5 million tons of fish per year during that period. That's more than 12 times the officially reported number.

    The study has been cited by the European Parliament, which released this report earlier this month.

    The report estimates that China catches around 3.1 million tons per year in the Africa region, and 80% of that catch could be unreported.

    The European report says China is also the largest exporter of fishery products, accounting for about 13% of the world's fishery product trade in 2010.

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