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    Mozambique Rhinos Now Extinct

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    Mozambique rhinos are now extinct.

    The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park spans the borders between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
    Rhinoceroses in the wildlife conservation park in Mozambique have reportedly been completely wiped out.

    The last 15 remaining rhinos are believed to have been killed by poachers for their horns, and park rangers have been charged with working together with the poachers.

    30 game rangers have to go to court over charges of collusion in the death of the rhinos.

    South Africa is threatening to put fences back up at the border to prevent the poaching problem, because of the recent loss of the rhinos and cases of poachers from Mozambique taking advantage of the open border.

    Organized poaching gangs are after rhinos because of their prized horns, and the underpaid rangers are susceptible to corruption.

    Since Mozambique has wiped out all of their rhinos, the poachers are crossing the border to hunt for the endangered animal, or they are targeting elephants for their ivory tusks.

    From 2008 until February of 2013, 279 poachers from Mozambique were shot and killed by South African border patrol security.