Airplane Nearly Collides With UFO

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An airplane nearly collides with a UFO.

The pilot of a passenger airplane approaching Glasgow airport reported seeing a UFO pass underneath and almost hit the plane.

He described it as being blue and yellow or silver, and bigger than a balloon.

Further investigations into the incident haven’t turned up any clues as to what the flying object was.

Radar has ruled out the possibility of it being another flying vehicle like a hot air balloon, or helicopter.

The Airprox report says that "Investigation of the available surveillance sources was unable to trace any activity matching that described by the A320 pilot. Additionally there was no other information to indicate the presence or otherwise of activity in the area.”

There have been many accounts of UFO encounters from the world of aviation.

Air traffic controllers in Russia came across a UFO on their radar, and tried making contact.

Whatever the blip on the Siberian radar screen was, it appeared to be flying at more than 6 thousand miles per hour, and quickly changing direction.