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    Cop's Car Stuck Halfway Up Utility Pole

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A cop car gets stuck halfway up a utility pole.

    Utility poles can sometimes get in the way.

    Recently, a Memphis police car didn’t collide with a pole, but climbed halfway up it, along Elvis Presley Blvd. The incident was classified as a single car accident.

    Apparently, the officer behind the wheel had been attempting to catch up to a motorist who was not wearing a seatbelt. However, the cop lost control of the vehicle and smashed into a guide wire which turned the car on one end, making it come to a two-wheeled halt against the utility pole.

    The police director in Memphis states “Every time you get to a point on this job when you say I’ve seen absolutely everything, nothing could shock or surprise you, then you get something that shocks and surprises you.”

    What is it with poles and Memphis cops? Last year, another officer in the city was issued a citation for smashing into a utility pole.

    The policeman reportedly lost control of the squad car, struck a curb and then drove over a yield sign before colliding with the pole. He was ticketed for hitting a fixed object and violating seatbelt laws.