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    Wild Tiger Gets into a Zoo to Mate with Female Tigers

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    A wild tiger is left to roam around a zoo in India.

    A wild male tiger is on the prowl in India.

    A zoo was forced to temporarily shut down after the large creature began prancing around the enclosure of a female tiger named Sara. That action seemed to depict the male animal’s desire to mate.

    This isn’t the first time the tiger had made an appearance at the zoo. He was previously spotted walking the grounds of an adjacent safari numerous times over the past several months. Workers at the zoo decided to open the emergency gates to let the nosy tiger roam around, so he could be monitored by cameras.

    Last year, another tiger opted to break free from the confines of a zoo. The Siberian tiger escaped its enclosure in Cologne zoo through a gate that was not closed properly.

    The animal then went to a nearby storage building where it fatally attacked a 43-year-old female zookeeper. The director of the zoo managed to shoot and kill the tiger before it could get into the visitor area and harm others.