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    France Finally Warms Up to Fast Food

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    France finally warms up to fast food.

    France has long been known for upholding a strict adherence to its cultural traditions involving food and how it’s consumed.

    Well, for the first time in the country’s history, France’s fast food restaurants have out sold their table service counterparts.

    According to a survey conducted by a French firm of food consultants, fast food sales were up 14 percent in the past year alone.

    Even Burger King, who shuttered the windows on its 39 French outlets 16 years ago, has re-entered the market.

    So why the turnaround?

    In part it’s due to changing lifestyles in France, most notably to the extreme shrinkage of the lunch hour. Once an 80-minute midday break, the afternoon meal is on average now only given 22 minutes.

    Several fast food chains have tailored their menus to appeal to the popular French taste. One British sandwich outlet has added a menu of the country’s stand-bys. McDonalds offers grass fed beef and a café devoted entirely to salads.

    On the other hand, quickly served coffee to go remains a cultural hurdle. After nearly a decade in France, Starbucks has yet to clear a profit.