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    15-Year-Old Designer Creates Wedding Dress from Divorce Papers

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A 15-year-old designer created a wedding dress from divorce papers.

    Wedding dresses are usually crafted from indulgently soft, beautiful materials.

    One young designer, 15-year-old Demi Barnes opted to create one billowing, seemingly fluffy wedding garment out of 1,500 divorce papers.

    Serving as a symbolic piece to young women and celebrities who rush to the alter and just as abruptly back out of the commitment, the sardonic dress packs a big punch. Using the internet, Barnes downloaded divorce forms, printed them and filled them out.

    She then tediously photocopied the documents. Folding, cutting and intricately crafting the paperwork, she created a masterpiece for a dress, comprised of a corset-like bodice and puffed skirt, taking a total of about 10 hours to complete.

    Last year, an art show at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC had a similar theme, addressing marriage ideals. A bride married and divorced 7 different suitors in an attempt to challenge established views of marriage, showcasing how disposable those vows can be in today’s world.