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    Woman Stuck in Mud Hole for 12 Hours, Comforted by Pet Dog

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    A woman who was stuck in a mud hole for 12 hours is comforted by her dog.

    Dogs have an unmistakable ability to comfort humans.

    A woman in Ontario, named Sandra recently left her home for a walk with her border collie.

    After turning down a path, Sandra went to retrieve a tossed Frisbee, but her feet got stuck in a hole full of wet dirt. 64-year-old Sandra says “It felt just like cement. I tried and I tried to break the suction. There was just no way.”

    Luckily she was able to free one leg, but the other was submerged in the mud up to her knee, trapping her. The dog stayed right by her side letting Sandra use his body for a pillow. She told the collie to find help, but he would always return to her.

    Thankfully a rescue team was able to locate and free her after she spent 12 hours stuck in the mud hole.

    Earlier this year, a 3-year-old child, named Julia disappeared with her pet dog from a village in western Poland. A rescue crew discovered her the next day in a marshland with her loyal dog right by her side.

    Amazingly she survived frigid temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the night. The dog was reported to have kept her warm.