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    2 Pillars #15: Hidden God, My Temperament


    by AirMaria

    The Eucharist is the hidden God and then Mary and my temperament.
    Meditations read in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament for our Daily Holy Hour at our Bloomington, Indiana friary from the two books: Real Presence by St Peter Julian Eymard and
    A Month with Mary by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo
    Day #3: My Temperament
    THE SOUL: In order to reform my heart I must study it intimately as it is, my good Mother. I look at it and I seem to see there a mass of confusion which doesn't allow me to see it clearly. How full I am of darkness! You tell me what my temperament is, that is the fundamental character of my heart.
    MARY: The temperament is the sum of the constant tendencies of the heart which propel it to act in the same way. You know your temperament from the defects into which you most often fall, from the spontaneous acts of your heart, from your habits
    Are you very easily given to anger, do you get disturbed over nothing, do you react, show yourself offended? Are you closed, tacit