United Kingdom Talk Saturday 4th May 2013

Chris Reardon

by Chris Reardon

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Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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He calls it a hobby !
Anita's Platinum story.
Dallas signed up for another series on TNT.
Why is my voice not coming out properly ?
Car servicing is very different than it used to be.
Ronny gets a gardener.
Trouble with my conversions.
You don't phone vote for X Factor do you ?
Solar powered fairy lights.
Leave Marj alone. She knows what she is doing.
A very good looking tattooist.
Horrid yellow gunk.
13 years of my fat bum.
How much is a gallon of diesel in the UK ?
Will a plane attempt to land there ?
My slippers have been stolen.
Jimmy's broken moped.
Barry Manilow - and other people in the room.
Allergic to a dog.
A little note on your bedside cabinet.
Do you believe in spirits ?
Wrong date for dentist.
Good service in Toyota & Staples.
Paper, pens & a new chair.