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    Bharat Bhawna Divas


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    An emotional appeal for Jana, Gana, Mana.
    WE, EVERY INDIAN, TOGETHER, will sing our beloved National Anthem exactly at 10 AM on 6th May and create an unbelievable World Record.
    To make a World Record with our National Anthem "Jana, Gana, Mana" would be a wonderful feeling of great pride and joy.
    Pakistan is holding the current World Record, of 42,813 people at one place singing the National Anthem in a group.
    We, Indians, are going to create a new World Record, with 1,01,000 Sahara India Pariwar Workers singing the National Anthem together at one point in Lucknow in one Uniform.
    We will also create a second world record, with over 10,00,000 Sahara India Pariwar
    Workers singing in one uniform, at the same time. So in all more than 11Lakh Sahara workers will be singing together from 4512 Sahara Offices spread across India.
    At the same time, exactly 10 AM on 6th May, you, our fellow countrymen, are humbly requested to sing the National Anthem wherever you are -- be it at your home, or in school or college, or even on the road by stopping your vehicle.
    Just like you several Indians from various streams will also be lending their support to this event. Army personnel across seven states are joining in large numbers to sing the National Anthem at the same time and more than 1,00,000 students will also sing as one.
    We are going to install a huge number of cameras at prominent places, which will capture your faces and immediately upload on YouTube.
    Kindly use your own phone cameras too, to capture your family members, friends, school & college mates and other Indians out there singing the National Anthem in attention, and upload and share it on YouTube and other social media channels, for the whole world to witness the "EMOTIONAL INTEGRATION, NATIONAL INTEGRATION OF US, INDIANS."
    Google Account Holders can upload their video on with a descriptor "Bharat Bhawna Diwas 2013" and facebook account holders can upload their photographs on our official facebook page.