My Little Disney: The Phony King of England

Daga Yemar

by Daga Yemar

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H-hello? Can anyone hear me? Please, send help! I started watching this show call Dan Vs, and I just... I just can't stop watching it! I'm trapped! Hello... anyone...?

Wait, what's this? A PMV? I don't remember... bad sound issues? It certainly seems like one of mine... Wait, Pinkie is playing a female role? I don't think I've ever done that before... where did this come from? Where am I? All I can see is a shouting, angry jerk...

Is anyone out there? If you can hear me, tell people that I don't own My Little Pony or Disney! And send food and... there's a third season?! But... I have work... I have to... can't... resist...