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    Acupuncturist Forgets Pin-Riddled Patient and Leaves Office

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An acupuncturist forgets about his pin-riddled patient and leaves the office.

    Acupunture is becoming increasingly popular in the western world which means more stories about treatments gone wrong.

    A male acupuncturist in Austria recently forgot about a female patient. It seems that the doctor had quite a hectic day.

    While treating the 61-year-old woman, Vivi Ziegler, he received a phone call. Right after that distraction, he responded to an inquiry by a medical assistant.

    The acupuncturist then reportedly forgot about Ziegler and took off for the day.

    When the patient awoke, she realized she was trapped in a dark room, covered with acupuncture needles and that no one was around to help her. She was able to grab her cell phone and call police, who got her out through a window.

    When the doctor learned of his mistake, he apologized and offered Ziegler free treatments for life. She accepted and kindly states “I suppose everybody can have a forgetful moment, although I must admit I was a bit shocked at the time.”