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    Straw Bale Urinal Makes Compost From Urine

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A straw bale urinal makes compost from users' urination.

    Don’t ever discount the power of urination.

    According to a French design studio, that bodily fluid is “liquid gold”. The company has created a hybrid urinal along with a funnel that connects to a straw hay bale.

    Essentially, a man can…well….. release into the contraption and the bale fills up with urine. The nitrogen in the liquid waste combines and reacts with the carbon in the straw. A magnificent concoction begins to form resulting in a batch of composted humus.

    Although the process is lengthy, taking anywhere from 6 months to a year to fully develop the compost, the idea is simple – putting urine to good use. The new urinals are set to go under production this summer and the first design will make a public debut at a music festival.

    Recently, a zoo in France initiated plans for a processing plant which would convert waste into electricity. The waste is actually feces from the zoo animals.

    The establishment’s two endangered pandas from China are expected to account for a good portion of the fuel, as they produce about 65 pounds of feces each day.