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    Darkside of Innocence - "Sephiroth" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Darkside of Innocence - "Sephiroth"

    Artist city, country: Lisbon, Portugal

    Artist Biography: The Heir spawned this dirge for Sophia therein late 2005.

    Currently based on a progressive musical approach, the project engages in their allegoric poetry an insight relatively on various issues concerning the collective unconsciousness -- the cosmos we share.

    As a musical group in 2007, Darkside of Innocence commenced some studio activity by recording a demo entitled Bloody Mistress, only to be listened via MySpace.

    In 2009, four years since its beginning, the project records its first full length entitled "Infernum Liberus EST" with the participation of Dmitry Rishko -- Dominia's violinist. Later in 2010, Darkside of Innocence inked a record deal with the "Grailight Productions", to release Infernum Liberus EST.

    As for 2011, the heirs started composing their second full length titled Xenogenesis and Cerberus -- a single taken from it - is released throughout the net. The artistic evolution of the band also led Pedro Remiz to create a philosophical movement entitled "Sophia's Heirs" which aims to address through all kinds of art, some cultural biases that affect the human social relations.

    Nowadays as one man band since its members decided to part ways with the project to focus on their personal issues, Darkside of Innocence signs a record deal with "Infektion Records" to release Xenogenesis - the second full-lenght - due to be released on january the 10th, 2012.

    Director Name: Tiago Lopes
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Marco Pais
    Producer Link:

    About The Video: Sinopsis: Sephiroth is the story of the tree of life according to Darkside of Innocence. It's where it all begins and where it all comes to an end. It's the kingdom come. Sephiroth is the path of Lucifer. A path to take not alone but with the precious concern of a mysterious entity we know as Sophia. As Sophia caresses Lucifer's face with her concealed gnosis, Lucifer becomes enlightened and strives to struggle against his own nature in order to transcend and exist as something not futile at last. As he understands clearly that our desires, whims and wishes are not part of our personality as something really meaningful, but instead, a simple matter of life's perpetuation, he sees the prison where we are all confined to. His inner conflicts lead him to question the works of GOD as the universe possible creator and the cosmos phenomena as a horrible chain that prevents him to be truly free. Tired of having so many limitations he's decided;

    ...he's seeking Eden. But not to exist there, for he knows what Eden's all about. He yearns to behold GOD, watch him fall and become real at last.


    Song Lyrics: Rid yourself from the seductive lust
    Soreness' so real, meaningless it's not.
    That I raised thou with care, have you forgot?

    For we are as one (x3).

    Her very last plea to unchain a stream of compassion
    Before the sentient kinds like yours
    Mine very last plea to unchain a stream of compassion
    Before the sentient kinds like yours

    Mother of light, don't let oblivion embrace us, Mother!
    Mother of light, liberate us from this blight

    You shall mark my words,
    For she is the mother of all lights
    My guiding star...

    And I won't let it go,
    I won't let it go of you,


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