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    The Royal Quest - Official Trailer by Compass Games

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    The Royal Quest is a “text less” game, meaning that it depends entirely on iconic language, which makes it very attractive, enabling players from all over the world to get started easily regardless of what language they understand, the idea is inspired from the traffic signs found all over the world in streets which enables drivers to understand the purpose of the sign in no time.

    A large world with a huge number of interactive elements is a key feature of The Royal Quest, it includes more than 200 areas to explore, whether you are going to fight in a battle, get some information, unlock special areas, complete a quest, go to your home and exchange weapons, go to a shop to buy a new items or weapons, it all feels natural, what is so special is that there’s no menu behind doing any of the above tasks, all you have to do is walk by yourself to the nearest shop, home, quester … etc., and you always have a Map to guide you throughout your way.

    Put your skills into The Royal Quest, build up your players levels and equip yourself with items to fight against the toughest enemies blocking your way.

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