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    The Top 4 performed on American Idol, again, but the real fireworks were at the judge's table- yup we've got footage of Mariah and Nicki's most explosive fight yet. Welcome back to ClevverMusic Idol fans here's your recap for the May 1st episode! The remaining four girls: Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Candice Glover performed two songs each, one song from 2013 and one "standard" song, so any classic is fair game. They had the help of special guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr. to guide them through their second attempt at the top 4 performances week.

    One of our favorite performances of the night was from Angie Miller's 2013 song, she performed a slowed lullaby version of Rihanna's hit "Diamonds", of course sitting at the piano. Take a look.

    We loved this Rihanna cover performance but judge Keith Urban didn't love the song's new arrangement saying, "I felt like it was waiting to happen". It was after both of Angie's performances that judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey fought while giving her feedback. Nicki Minaj said Angie's "Diamonds" song was "lackluster" and said Angie playing to the audience too much. Mariah Carey actually agreed with this and when Nicki interrupted her to try to get Mariah to acknowledge that she was agreeing with Nicki, this happened.

    Why can't they just admit they agreed on something?! Did Mariah have to throw in this dig at Nicki: "The billboard Hot 100 song which you just performed which is difficult to get, not everybody has that to their credit..." No, she probably didn't need to say that. After Angie's second performance of the night "Someone to Watch Over Me" Nicki Minaj commented that Angie always reminds her of a Disney Princess, especially Beauty and the Beast. When it was Mariah's turn to comment the big claws came out. Mariah had to disagree about Nicki's Disney princess comment, so of course Nicki chimed in to defend herself and took it to a new level bringing out a Q-Tip, take a look.

    So why did Nicki have a Q-Tip handy, had she thought about doing this before? She did keep repeating "Clean them ears out!" to Mariah. Regardless of their biggest blowout on live TV, Nicki was actually brought to tears not by Mariah but by Amber Holcomb after her stunning performance of "My Funny Valentine". The judges liked her performance but still gave her criticism. Nicki could tell Amber was upset about something and when Amber started to tear up Nicki did the same. See our interview after the show to hear from Amber what was going through her head. For the elimination show the top 4 votes will be combined with last week's votes—who do you think will go home?! Tell us! Keep it here on ClevverMusic for more Idol news including backstage interviews with the contestants. I'm Misty Kingma see you soon.