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    2 Pillars #13: Divine Bridegroom, My Heart


    by AirMaria

    The Eucharist as the Divine Bridegroom and then Day 1: My Heart, a Flower that Mary must Cultivate.
    In this month of Mary, May, we willinterruptour readings from the Imitation of Mary and do the Marian reflections fromA Month with Mary by Fr.Dolindo Ruotolo.
    Meditations read in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament for our Daily Holy Hour at our Bloomington, Indiana friary from the two books: Real Presence by St Peter Julian Eymardand ...
    A Month with Mary by Fr.Dolindo Ruotolo:
    Day #1:
    MARY: O my daughter, your mother is always ready to cultivate you provided that you treat me as a mother and not as a stranger. How many times you?ve been afraid of me, even while knowing that I am all loving! How many times have you virtually fled from me, so slack has your devotion been. Come to my heart and let it be a school of virtue for you since God himself has made me great for your good. Follow me faithfully, even if your soul feels arid and without any fervor. Confide your pains to