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    Dubai Showcases World’s Largest Flower Garden

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    Dubai showcases the world's largest flower garden.

    Yet another awe-inspiring project has been completed in Dubai.

    It’s called the Dubai Miracle Garden and covers a 72,000-square-meter area in Dubailand.

    So how do you keep 45 million flowers hydrated in the middle of the desert?

    The garden’s landscaper said the drip irrigation system uses recycled waste water.

    Residents and visitors have thronged to the garden. Kate Holbrooke, who has been a resident of Dubai for nine years remarked to the Golf News - “Why aren’t they telling people about this? I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight as this.”

    CNN notes that 'the attraction isn't complete. Shopping outlets, restaurants and plant nurseries will be added during the second development phase, which kicks off mid-2013."

    The attraction is open to visitors now, but it will be closed during the hot summer months of June through September.

    Those who are happier pursuing winter activities and find out being in Dubai's sun to be too uncomfortable can head over to the Mall of Emirates and hang out at Ski Dubai. The snow-covered theme park has ski hills, a snow park, and, yes, real snow.