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    Man Loses Life Savings in a Carnival Game

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    A man loses his life savings in a carnival game.

    Carnival games are fun and inexpensive. But that turned out to be not so for one New Hampshire man.

    He recently lost his entire life’s worth of savings in a carnival game.

    Henry Gribbohm essentially gambled away $2,600 and in the end, he walked away with a grim reminder of his lost money in the form of a stuffed, smiling banana with dreadlocks. Gribbohm was a participant in a ball tossing game called Tubs of Fun at a Manchester carnival.

    However, the balls kept popping out of the container. 30-year-old Gribbohm states “It’s not possible that it wasn’t rigged.”

    Within minutes, he lost $300 and he went home to get the rest of his money, in an attempt to win back what he originally lost. Needless to say, those bills were soon gone too.

    Here’s another bad way to lose money. Earlier this year, a migrant worker in China came home to find that mice had chewed through his savings of over $1,100. The bank notes were hidden in a coat pocket, which was placed in a closet of the male’s home.