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    Miley Cyrus Racy V Magazine Cover & Hair Chop Explained


    by ClevverTV

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    Miley Cyrus strips down for the cover of V Magazine! Hey guys, Brianna Baxter here filling in for Joslyn and Dana. Now it's no secret that Miley's style has definitely transformed over the last year but her latest spread in V Magazine takes it a whole step further. The 20-year-old posed for 3 different mag covers --- two of which feature the scantily clad starlet rocking a new pink 'do looking as fierce as ever with some dark brows and bold red lips in the makeup department. The third features a surprising orange haired and topless Miley holding up a giant orange bag that reads, "MILEY" by only her teeth. Now if the photoshoot wasn't enough to turn some heads, Miley also reveals quite a bit in the accompanying interview! Not only does the article suggest that Miley's first single off her upcoming album will be a track titled, "#GetItRight" but the joint interview with Miley and her producer Pharell Williams also digs into the details behind all the hard work being put into the album. She explains quote, "My record would have come out like a high school mixtape with these different songs and feelings that don't blend. Then I met Pharrell, and it was the first time I was in the studio just being really free. Pharrell opened that door." But apparently that music isn't the only department where Miley looks to Pharell for advice --- did you know that it was actually Pharell who was the biggest encouragement behind Miley's infamous hair chop? He responded to the idea by saying quote, "That's what you can do that no one else can do." From then on, Miley explained quote, "I chopped my hair and bought a pair of Docs and never looked back." We're definitely excited to hear what Miley and Pharell have been working so hard on --- what are you guys most excited for on this new album!? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to check out a brand new show on Teen's channel, called Trendin' on Teen! I just caught up with the pretty much perfect Cody Simpson and found out how he pranked his sister. So be sure to check that out --- Trendin' airs every weekday at 7pm eastern! See you there!

    Hosted by: Brianna Baxter