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City Bathroom Becoming Place for Drugs, Sex and Bathing

5 years ago1.3K views


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A public bathroom is becoming home to drugs, sex and bathing.

Employees at the Holyoke City Hall in Massachusetts are asking authorities to put a lock on the restrooms that reside in the building’s basement.

Evidently, the proposal is for good reason. People are reportedly using the stalls to have sex, use recreational drugs, sleep and even bathe.

More than a dozen employees have joined together to sign a petition, urging the City Council Public Safety Committee to take desperate measures, citing that conditions have "gotten out of hand." Workers are requesting the bathroom doors to be locked to the public, requiring anyone who wants to use the restroom to borrow a key from employees.

Earlier this year, a cemetery in Cambridge, United Kingdom became home to drunks and drug addicts who would sometimes remove tomb lids and sleep inside of them. The area was encountering frequent occurrences of drunkenness, defecating and drug use.

According to a police statement, "One resident said she was shocked when she saw a male sitting on a grave with his trousers down injecting himself in his thigh in full view of everyone."