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5-Year-Old with IQ of 147 Accepted in Mensa

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A 5-year-old with an IQ for 147 is accepted into Mensa.

A 5-year-old boy in Illinois, named Gus Dorman has an IQ of 147. He was recently admitted to Mensa, which is essentially a group for uber-geniuses who have IQ scores higher than 135.

Gus is reading books similar to “Charlotte’s Web”. He also studies world maps in his free time and memorizes the periodic table.

At 18 months of age, Gus was taking a newspaper with him to read while using the bathroom. Then last year, friends of the Dorman family pointed out that Gus was well ahead of other kids when he began reading phrases during a camping trip.

That’s when mom and dad decided to take Gus for an IQ test. He scored within the 99th percentile in most categories on the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale.

Last year, a 12-year-old school girl in Liverpool, England was declared to possess a higher IQ score than Albert Einstein. She scored 162, which is two points higher than that of famed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. She is now ranked in the top one percent in the world for intelligence.